Sunday, 28 August 2011

Blog sale!

I'm moving and I need all this to go! I'm willing to haggle if you're going to buy more items :)

  • I ship internationally
  • Paypal only
  • I will combine shipping on multiple items
  • My feedback on eBay under cappuccinoandchocolate and MUA under SoundOfVision
  • On the first come-first-serve basis. If I don't hear from you in 24hrs, it goes back on offer
  • ALTERNATIVELY you can go to my MUA page and take a look at my wishlist so instead of selling/buying we can swap.
  • Click each photo to enlarge 

BECCA Eye tint in Gil - used 1x SIB - £8

 MAC Humid SIB, swatched 1x - £8

Chanel Peridot - £15 BNIB

theBalm Balm Shelter in Uptown Girl BNIB - £5

theBalm Time Balm in Medium/Dark - £5


  1. audri said...
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  2. SFe said...
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  3. Tamara said...

    Hi SFe, according to Royal Mail, it would cost 2 pounds :)

    Thank you for your interest!

  4. Tamara said...

    Hi audri,

    well, starting price of Raindrops is 12 pounds and as I said in the post, it's best offer deal. If someone offers 12.50 or 13, and that's the highest offer, it will go to them. I already had someone asking about it on Livejournal (I posted a link to the sale on one of the communities)

    Shipping would be 2 pounds according to Royal Mail.

  5. Zekesmome said...

    How much for butter london branwen's feather and artful dodger shipped to Pennsylvania, US?

  6. Tamara said...
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  7. Lucisek-Lucy's Stash said...

    Hi, I'd be interested in the Revlon lot. I live in UK, how much would you charge for postage? Thank you, my email is in profile x

  8. tamara4uelite said...

    Do you ship to the states?
    DS vintage
    Puprple butter polish
    Royal rajah

  9. Tamara said...

    Hi Tamara :)

    I do ship to USA. Unfortunately, DS Vintage is pending. But other two are still available.

  10. tamara4uelite said...

    Ok, let me know. How much would it be in us dollars for the items shipped?

  11. Tamara said...

    It'd be £2.10

  12. Cali369 said...

    I'm interested in Bronwen's Feather and Artful Dodger shipped in the UK?

  13. Tamara said...


    according to Royal Mail's website, it would be 1.58 First Class and 2.35 Recorded

  14. Lisa said...

    Hi there,

    I might be interested in the Mario Badescu Healing Balm - it looks like it is still sealed, is that correct? If so, I'd like it.

    I'm in the UK, pls let me know the postage for this item.



  15. Tamara said...

    Hi, someone contacted me about Mario Badescu, will let you know if it falls through

  16. atirasmom said...

    Hi can I get Chanel Peridot and pay later tonight please?

  17. atirasmom said...

    Hi can I get chanel peridot and pay tonight please?

    Please email for my paypal - thanks!

  18. Anonymous said...
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  19. Anonymous said...


    I'm interested in these:

    Benefit mini trio BNIB - £3 for all three
    Too Faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight, used 1x - £5

    How much will they cost for shipping to Saudi Arabia?

    Also, please proide me with your email address.


  20. Tamara said...

    Hi, Benefit mini trio is taken but of you want I have one Posie tint extra.
    Shadow Insurance is still available. Shipping would be £ 3.50


  21. Anonymous said...


    I wanted the trio because of benetint and highbeam, do you have extras of these s well?

  22. Tamara said...

    I might have an extra of High Beam, but will have to check.

  23. Ruthie said...
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  24. Ruthie said...

    I'd like Max Factor Fantasy Fire, please - to the US. PLMK total with shipping. Thanks! :)

  25. Tamara said...

    Hi Ruthie,

    that would be £7.

  26. ShoppingAddict said...

    Face Stockholm
    Clarins topaz lipgloss
    Urban decay scratch
    Clarins soufflé in #17 (the peach one)
    Ed hardy solid perfume

    Thanks. Xx

  27. Tamara said...

    Sorry, I thought you want both Souffles :)

    So, it's £20 total. :)

  28. Aniqah said...

    Hi! How much would the tokyo milk lip balm be including postage?

  29. Tamara said...

    Hi Aniqah, where in the world are you?

  30. Ruthie said...

    Hi Tamara!

    Okay - where do I send PP? My PP addy is

    You can invoice me there or LMK your PP addy and I'll gift it to you then email you my mailing info.

    Either works just fine for me! :)



  31. Tamara said...

    Hello Ruthie,

    My PP addy is

    would you like me to add a mini MF nail polish for free? It's a berry colour :)

  32. Ruthie said...

    Wow! I'd love it! That's soo sweet! Off to pay you now!!



  33. Tamara said...

    You're welcome ;) I always feel bad when people buy something small/cheap and the shipping is almost the same price as the item they bought. Plus, I'm trying to get rid of the stuff I don't need. :D

  34. Ruthie said...

    Hi Tamara! :)

    Did the TokyoMilk fall through? If you haven't sent my package yet I may be interested depending on how it affects my shipping. :) PLMK, k?

    Thanks very much!!!


  35. Tamara said...

    Hi Ruthie!

    Did you get my email from 2 days ago?
    Tokyo Milk wasn't pending at all, it's yours if you want it (shipping stays the same :D)

  36. Ruthie said...

    Hey T! (Hope you don't mind the new nick! ;))

    No, I didn't get your email! Do you have it in your Sent folder by any chance? If so, will you please resend? I'll be on the lookout now I know it's coming! :)

    That's great about the TokyoMilk, though! For some reason I thought someone else asked for it... Been wanting to try it! YAY! I'll send the money shortly!

    Also, I realized I never sent you my mailing details when I paid you for the MF Fantasy Fire - DOH! Sheesh, I'm losing my mind over here!!! LOL!

    Thanks again!!!

    ~R ;)

  37. Tamara said...

    Haha, I don't mind, R girl! :P

    I forwarded you the email from other day, you didn't get it? I sent it to helllo.mundo email address. Have you looked into your spam folder?

    I that email I also asked you for your address, haha.

    I got the payment for tokyo milk, thanks!

  38. Unknown said...

    I'd love to buy Mac Humid. I live in Sweden, how much would shipping be?

  39. Yvonne said...

    Hi there! I can't find your email so i'll try it this way :)
    How much is shipping for the OPI Neons to the Netherlands?

  40. Tamara said...


    shipping to Sweden would be £3.50.


  41. Tamara said...

    Hi Yvonne,

    sorry, the Neons are gone :(